Activities of the Ryukyu Bingata Preservation and Expansion Consortium



The licensing arm of the Consortium provides digital image material of dress patterns and hand-dyed bingata owned by its members. Until recently, bingata artists made their living from commissions they charged for their dyes. The licensing service focuses on the design aspect of Ryukyu bingata and streamlines the process of allowing its members to use these designs commercially. The service also handles the sales of attractive and iconic bingata material through its Ryukyu bingata design store accessible from this website.
The link to the design store can be found down below.

Missionary sales

Missionary sales

The Consortium endorse the use of the Consortium’s logo for products created through the missionary sales service. The service will provide various products including hand-dyed/printed textile and promote Ryukyu bingata branding with use of the logo. The Consortium also provides consistent support from the planning stage to sales of new products. It will pioneer new sales channels by receiving orders, selling merchandise, and hosting events within the cooperative.


Technique preservation

Many of Japan's traditional crafts and techniques associated with them are disappearing in recent years. Failure to keep records of these techniques is a major reason for this. In other words, even though the works and products are being handed down to future generations, the methods, techniques, and tools in which they were created have been lost to the ages. The Consortium records the process and techniques related to the creation of world-renowned Ryukyu bingata in both text and video format. Those in the Ryukyu bingata industry may use these recordings as training material for young craftspeople. Relevant information will be available for others to promote a deeper understanding of Ryukyu bingata. These efforts will ensure that proper techniques will be handed down to new generations of craftspeople.


Intellectual property monitoring

It is crucial for Ryukyu bingata artists to protect their creation as intellectual properties. Until now, monitoring of intellectual properties with regards to Ryukyu bingata has been inadequate. The intellectual property monitoring arm of the Consortium will support the creative process of craftspeople and artists by registering their Ryukyu bingata designs and by promoting their appropriate usage.

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