Membership Application

Application process

Read the application process below and contact the main office if you wish to join the Consortium. Applicants are required to fill the Membership Application Form.


Download the Membership Application Form from the link below and contact the Consortium.

2Meeting with the management office

The Consortium will take this opportunity to hear the applicant’s reasons for joining. The Consortium will also describe its business activities and services it may be able to provide for the applicant during this meeting.

3Submission of Membership Application Form

Applicants may consider their application after the meeting and submit their Membership Application Form at a suitable time.

4Application assessment

The Consortium main office will assess the information submitted via the Membership Application Form.


The Consortium asks new members, whose applications have been approved, to proceed with the bank transfer of the membership fee. The application process is complete once the main office confirms the transfer of the membership fee.

Application Form [download]

About membership benefits

Membership benefits

  • • Place a corporate logo on our website.
  • • Members are available to get information about our activities from a members-only website.
    You can check proceedings of an Annual General Meeting and interview videos of traditional craftsmen for example.
  • • E-mail newsletter is sent every month.
  • • We support your product-development collaboration with Bingata studio.(Details are shown below. An additional fee is required)
    ・Management of projects.
    ・Produce and create a collaboration opportunity among members.
  • • Members are available to use our corporate logo.
  • • Members are available to join exhibition and sale events.
  • • We support planning and running of a Bingata experience tour.

Documentation on Consortium
Membership Benefits [download]

About the annual membership fee

Official members ¥300,000
Associate members ¥100,000
Supporting members free

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