Post a photo of the craft tree and get a Present!!

Joint planning of consortium and member company okicom,
A Christmas tree SNS posting campaign using Okinawan dyed fabrics at Naha Airport is being held.

If you shoot and post a craft tree installed at Fukugi Hall at Naha Airport, you will receive a gift or a coupon!
Please show the posting screen when shopping at participating stores.
We look forward to your participation.

Holding period:2019.12.16 〜 2020.1.19
Place:Okinawa Naha Airport International Terminal Building 3F Fukugi Hall
Organizer: Naha Airport Building Co., Ltd.
Planning and operation: okicom Inc.

How to apply for the campaign
Step 1: Take a photo of the craft tree
Step 2: Post the photo with a hashtag of #crafttree by Facebook or Instagram
Step 3: Show your post of Facebook or Instagram to a staff of tenant (See below)
Step 4: Get a present or coupon!! You can also get a postcard of the tree (First-come-first-served basis)

STEAK HOUSE 88(Free one drink)
PINKBERRY (FROZEN YOGURT)(50% discount coupon)
TOKYO TONKOTSU RAMEN BANKARA(Free seasoned boiled egg for noodle topping)
UDUNYAMA(Post card present)
DOUTOR COFFEE(50 yen discount for one drink)
porktamago onigiri Naha Airport International 4F(10% discount for purchases over 1000 yen)
DEAR OKINAWA,(Post card of Shimanone)
INTERLINK OKINAWA(Okinawan Taro Cheesecake 【Fukka】)
QUOLOFUNE(Little gift)
FUKUJI SHOTEN(Chopstick rest)
HabuBox Naha Airpport(5%coupon present)

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